Monday Night Scrappers

 updated: 11/06/12

 Our lives are just chalk-full of quiltin' people

and a lot of very creative ones live right here in


Most of them attend the city wide 


as do many of the members of our 'Scrappers Mini Guild'

I have also included the link to my


(must have something to do with the name... LOL)


Our creative locals are listed below, so you can find them quickly...


Quilters  Haven

The Quilt Patch

Stitcher's Nook

Heather's Quilting Palette

Quality Quilting

Chi Chi's Quilt Designs

Bobby Socks

Diana Best

Debbie Richards

Anna Hergert


If you're interested in having some fun, possibly winning a great prize and learning about cyber-shopping in your jammies on Sunday morning with a hot coffee at great quilt stores....    click on the blue bunny below and register for the  "SHOP HOP" 


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